Kendrick Premier Dew Conroller with Humidity Sensor

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Kendrick Premier Dew Conroller with Humidity Sensor
Kendrick Premier Dew Conroller with Humidity Sensor


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Are you tired of dealing with dew on your optics? The Kendrick Dew Remover System has been the industry standard for effective dew removal and prevention on all optical surfaces where moisture condensation is a problem. Kendrick is the original innovator of these systems and they continue to lead the marketplace with innovative product design and concepts. The Kendrick Dew Systems have heaters for almost all the optical components used in amateur astronomy.

At the heart of the Kendrick Dew Remover System, is the controller and the new DigiFire 7 Digital Dew Controller is the latest innovation feature pure digital output. The Kendrick DigiFire 7 begins by being energy efficient, with variable settings to allow maximum conservation of battery power and precise application of heat. The DigiFire 7 system is programmable with variable duty cycle, temperature variance, dewpoint variance or set temperature, depending on which controller you use.

But Kendrick quality doesn't stop there. The Kendrick DigiFire 7 Digital Dew Controller is not only light in weight, but heavy in quality. Kendrick's uses only the best components in their dew heating system and controllers. They do not compromise on the integrity or performance capabilities of our product. When it says Kendricks, you know it will keep every optical surface you are using free of moisture in many different circumstances.

Kendrick DigiFire 7 Digital Dew Controller Features...

100% digital operation with 6 outputs, four of which are programmable. Run 12 VDC accessories or heaters from the 2 dedicated 12 volt outputs. For example, run cooling fans, computerized setting circles, DewGuard secondary mirror heaters etc. Includes low voltage cut-off. Protect your battery from being to deeply discharged.

Firmware upgradeable and RFI (radio frequency interference) free. Absolutely necessary if you are into digital imaging! Includes Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control and reverse polarity protection. Includes a velcro attachment so that the controller can be attached to scope, tripod, etc. An optional lanyard (#2002-LNYRD) as well as a vinyl carry pouch (#2001-CP) is also available for anyone preferring to hang their controller or protect it from scratches, dings and nicks.