Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB - USB DSLR Shutter Control

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Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB - USB DSLR Shutter Control
Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB - USB DSLR Shutter Control


The DSUSB is a USB peripheral for your computer that allows software to control your DSLR camera's shutter. The DSUSB from Opticstar includes all the necessary cables that will enable to conect the DSUSB unit to your PC and your DSLR camera.

Many people are now using Digital SLR cameras to take deep-sky photographs. Using the camera's internal shutter control typically limits the exposure time to 30 seconds. To get longer exposure times, the bulb stop (B) of the camera must be used. In bulb mode, the shutter is controlled by a remote control. If you wish to use a computer to generate the remote control commands, the DSUSB on this page will allow you to do so when used with appropriate software that supports this adapter.
Canon DSLR Cameras
The majority of Canon EOS DSLR cameras have a 2.5mm stereo jack remote socket (at time of writing this includes 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D 550D, 600D, 1000D, 1100D) but some will need a modified N3 controller to use these cables (20D, 30D 40Dm 60D, 60Da).
Software Support For Shutter Control
The Shoestring DSUSB shutter control adapter (supplied here) is currently supported by the software applications listed below.
Software Application DSUSB Shutter Conttrol Adapter
DSLRFocus by Chris Venter Yes
Shutterbug by Chris Venter Yes
MaxDSLR by Diffraction Limited Yes
MaxIm DL by Diffraction Limited Yes
AstroArt by MSB Software Yes
K3CCDTools by K3 Yes
Guidemaster by Matthias Garzarolli Yes
DSLR Shutter by Craig Stark Yes
Images Plus by Images Plus Yes