HitecAstro Digital 4 Channel 4 Port Dew Controller - Touch Control


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This high quality four channel controller from HitecAstro allows you to connect and control the output to four individual heat strips (not included).  Most heater strips, tapes and pads from all the major manufacturers are supported via phono type sockets.  Each controller can out put up to 5amps which should be more than enough for most astronomers needs.  While choosing your product keep in mind that some 14" dew tapes require over 4amps.  You will need to ensure that your power supply can deliver enough power for your requirements keeping in mind other equipment such as your mount and cameras also need to be powered.

Each output can be set to the selected output level and the power output for each channel is indicated by and LED above each turn knob.  A cigar plug connection and 1m of cable is provided for your convenience.

Please note, the LEDs are diffused and sit quite deep inside, so although they might seem to be bright when you look straight down at the device, the LEDs don't spread the light all over the place. So they are quite faint when you look at the device from the side.