Orion Optics CT12 F/4 Carbon Fibre Newtonian Telescope


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A cracking scope from Orion Optics UK that is great for Imaging and visual work. The optics are in very clean condition.

This scope to buy new is £3000 with the Losmandy plate, top plate and handle. So this represents a good saving on new one and no waiting period :)


This is a collection only or local delivery sale, if you wish to buy from further afield then please contact to discuss delivery options beforehand

Details from the web below:

If you are looking for a larger instrument than a 250mm model, our CT12 or CT12L are probably exactly what will satisfy your needs. With approaching 50% more light grasp than the CT10 or CT10L, images are considerably brighter and, have 25% more visible detail to your eye or camera.

Both of these facts enable images to be produced and, will give anyone’s eyes an incredible view of subjects in the night sky. Take a look at the images produced by these telescopes in our customers image gallery here – the quality speaks for itself, we know you will be delighted with what these two telescopes are capable of offering.

The CT12L is probably the best planetary and lunar telescope we offer. The images produced by this telescope are incredible whilst still allowing the tube to be transported to special dark sites. The CT12 is an all round super performer of all subjects and, will fit across the back seat of a car so, if it’s ultra deep sky visual images you are after, take one of these to a dark site and gasp, we know you will be more than pleased.