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The Weather Picture - Silver Frame - Peet Bros

The Weather Picture - Silver Frame - Peet Bros


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In excellent unused condition

The ultimate accessory for your ULTIMETER Weather Station!  Big, bright, and easy-to-read, The Weather Picture wall display is perfect for any place where people need highly visible, up-to-the-second local weather data.  An impressive wall-mounted panel display of comprehensive weather information, The Weather Picture gets its data from any ULTIMETER Weather Station and its sensors.  Has seven bright red LED displays plus wind direction compass rose.  Numeric LEDs can display any of 62 different user-selectable weather data.  Here is the big, easy-to-read wall display you've wanted.

The elegantly framed Weather Picture meets every display requirement for room or office decor. It should prove perfect, not just in homes, but also in schools, hotels, stores, corporate lobbies, professional offices, municipal offices, emergency management offices and vehicles, marinas, ski lodges, etc. - any place where you'd like people to have up-to-the-second local weather data.