Vixen AX103S QUAD APO Flat Field Refractor F5.6 Vixen Reducer 0.7


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Objective lens 103mm ED four-element (3+1) Apochromatic
Focal length (Focal ratio) 825mm (F8)
Resolving power & limiting magnitude 1.13 arc sec & 11.8
Light gathering power 217x
Tube size & weight (OD) 115mm x (L) 687mm, 4.6kg (10.1lb)
Finderscope Optional
Adapter thread / visual back 60mm on scope body. 42mm for T-mount, 31.7mm push-fit, 50.8mm* push fit on optional flip mirror
Accessories included Dovetail adapter, tube rings, dual speed 2" focuser

Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and afocal imaging

The focal reducer for the AX103S Refractor telescope is designed for APS-C format cameras. It reduces focal Length by 0.7x, changing to f/5.6.; Use with a wide photo adapter 60mm and appropriate T Ring for your camera for prime focus photography.