Moravian G3-16200 Mono CCD Camera 7 position OAG Baader LRGBHOS Filters


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In very good used condition

Features and advantages of the G3-16200 cameras with internal filter wheel:

  •  Easy adaption to the telescope or the telephoto lens - suitable adapters can be found in the accessories section.
  •  Mechanical shutter (optimal for darks)
  •  2-stage Peltier cooling upt to 45 °C below ambient
  •  Exposure time from 200 ms to any longer time
  •  Camera sensor KAF-16200 with high sensitivity (quantum efficiency approximately 60% - good sensitivity also in the red spectral range)
  •  Convenient aspect ratio 27.2 x 21.8 mm or 5:4 - for best possible illumination also with 2" connection

Adaption to the telescope:
The G3-16200 monochrome camera is delivered with a M68x1 (Zeiss level) connection at the telescope side if you don´t choose an adapter from the options list. The distance of the female M68 thread to the camera sensor is 43 mm. Of course, we can provide the camera with a female M48 thread, too.

Use with an off-axis guider: Now you can adapt a suitable off-axis guider. We recommend the TSOAGM68 which directly fits to the M68 thread of the camera. If you have an M48 connection at the telescope side, we recommend the TSOAG16 off-axis guider. If your corrector offers only 55 mm working distance, you can also use the short TSOAG9 off-axis guider.