Opticstar PX-125C uto-Guider and Planetary Imaging camera


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in very good boxed condition, supplied without ST4 cable


The PX-125C is the ideal colour video and single frame camera that combines high frame rates with high sensitivity and a built-in ST4 auto-guide port.

The PX-125C is very well suited for planetary, Lunar and Solar imaging with an appropriate Solar filter. The camera has been designed to come in focus even with telescopes with short focal travel including the Coronado PST without the need for a barlow that reduces the field of view.

The PX-125C is well suited for capturing critical type targets including the International Space Station due to its very low noise characteristics and high Gain while retaining the necessary high S/N ratios.

The camera is also well suited for industrial inspection and microscopy applications. Noise reduction, Gain and Region of Interest (ROI) are all features implemented in the hardware to deliver exceptional performance with frame rates of up to 28fps at 1280x960 resolution.