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Meade Off Axis Guider OAG 07054 Japan - Lx90 Lx200 SCT Telescope


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Mint  condition and an early Japanese version

The #777 Off-Axis Guider (OAG) permits use of a CCD Autoguider or guiding by an astrophotographer during long exposure astrophotograpy or imaging. Considered a "must have" item by many astrophotographers. Requires use of an illuminated reticle eyepiece if guiding by eye. Illuminated reticle not included.

The OAG couples the camera or imager body to the telescope and diverts a small part of the light at the edge of the telescopic field of view to an illuminated reticle guiding eyepiece or a CCD Autoguider mounted at 90° to the imaging camera. This small star field is then observed by the photographer or Autoguider to detect any change of position in a selected guide star, with continual small corrections being made to the telescopes drive based on close observation of the stars movement.

The output of the OAG is a conventional industry standard T-thread. Many camera bodies incorporate this required female T-thread needed to attach the camera to this accessory. Mounting a film type SLR camera to the OAG may require use of an appropriate T-Mount for that model camera. Please consult your camera operating manual for details. Camera and T-Mount not included.