Camera Revolution Order - Telescope Cover 750x1000mm - 1500x1500mm


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Size: Small 750mm x 1000mm (HxW) x15

Size large 1500x1500mm (HXW) x 10

A brand new cover from AstroJackets combining the best fabric with state of the art manufacturing processes only normally seen in high quality outdoor garments.

Most good quality covers are waterproof but they also tend to keep moisture inside the cover which is the one place you don't want it as it can cause corrosion as well as coating damage to mirrors and optics.

Being waterproof is great but it only solves part of the problem, it's all well and good if you live in Nevada where an occasional shower or thunderstorm may happen and the rest of the time it's 20 degrees plus and sunny but for those of us not lucky enough to live in an area with the perfect astronomy climate our main problem is combination of high humidity with prolonged periods of rain and dew.

Our Tempest series of covers is the answer for the rest of us as it ticks all the boxes that it helps to prevent damage to your delicate equipment.

  • Unobtrusive green fabric so they blend in with your garden or a star party so will less conspicuous to thieves
  • Waterproof Breathable and Anti-static fabric with high chemical and UV resistance
  • Ripstop
  • Fully waterproof taped and bonded seems
  • Rounded rather than square corners so taped seems are uninterrupted preventing water ingress at weaker areas
  • Suitable for extended use of many months (Although we always advise taking the cover off every now and then on sunny days to let it breath naturally and check for critters/crawlies etc)

If being used for extended periods we recommend you employ some type of bungee cord arrangement to hold the cover in place in strong winds and gale situations (not supplied)
All covers have logo's with no orientation as to up or down, to prevent rebranding by third parties.
Cover sizes are nominal and will be slightly smaller when seams are taken into account.