Meade Series 5000 30mm UWA Telescope Eyepiece - 2"


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In nice used condition, small coating mark at the edge

Details from the web:

Meade series 5000 ultra-wide-angle eyepieces give you such a wide field of view that you no longer have the feeling of looking through optics, but rather of floating in the universe itself!

  • all optical surfaces are multi-coated for the best possible image brightness.
  • the lens edges and inner surfaces of the eyepiece barrel are blackened.
  • all the eyepieces in the series are par-focal - you will only need to slightly re-adjust the focuser to obtain a clear image when changing eyepieces.
  • waterproof construction - prevents ingress of moisture and mold growth.

Available at a surprisingly low price, this technically advanced eyepiece series offers high resolution, image correction and a comfortable eye relief. The eyecup itself is adjustable