Nebo BIG CRYKET - Star Party Straight To Red Night Vision - 90º swivel 3 in 1


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For those who prefer a hand held torch for astronomy or even a magnetic one you can stick in place while you work on your setup in the dark. Like the Headlamp I sell this is also perfect for the job as it has most of the same features as the headtorch as well as a useful swivel head

I have tried many torches for astronomy and almost all have been flawed in some way or another, this one however ticks every box I have ever needed and for once a sensible price.
  • Straight to red - this torch is press and hold to go straight to red then short press to turn off
  • Magnetic base so ideal as a work light
  • Compact
  • Weather resistant
  • good build quality
  • 3 modes
  • Swivel Head
  • White light output is more than bright enough
  • Well priced for the quality

Most other brands have these flaws
  1. You have to cycle through white light to get to the red light which kills yours as well as everyone else's night vision around you, making for grumpy people at a dark site.
  2. Red light intensity, most are either way way to bright or so dull you cant use them
  3. Cheap price with nasty flimsy build quality
  4. Far to expensive and over the top
For everybody else this is a fantastic normal head torch for almost all hobbies with lots of features so I will put the blurb below:

Key Features

TThe BIG CRYKET is a versatile 3-in-1 LED light, featuring a 300 lumen C•O•B work light, a bright 300 lumen spot light and a convenient 30 lumen red light.  Its unique swivel design allows the light’s head to rotate into a forward-facing light, perfect for various working conditions. The magnetic base and steel clip provide convenient hands-free lighting.
• High-power 300 lumen LED spot light
• High-power 300 lumen C•O•B flood light
• High-power 30 lumen C•O•B red light
• Spot-light (300 lumens) – 5 hours / 140 meters
• C•O•B flood light (300 lumens) – 5.5 hours / 20 meters
• Red (30 lumens) – 10 hours / 6 meters
• Fully dimmable
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
• Water and impact resistant
• 90º swivel head
• Power memory setting
• Direct-to-red feature
• Steel belt/pocket clip
• Powerful magnetic base
• Rubberized non-slip grip
• Top-positioned, ON/OFF button
• Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)
• 0.5625 lbs.
• (H) 5.4375” x (W) 1.8125”