Atik Infinity Colour CCD Camera - Planetary Deep Sky, Video & Guiding £1000RRP


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A superb all round camera without breaking the bank for video, planetary, deep sky and guiding!

Details from the web below:

The Infinity is Atik's first CCD camera optimised for video astronomy. 

Video astronomy is a challenging and rewarding field that sits between visual astronomy and conventional astroimaging and requires a camera that is both fast and sensitive. Conventional approaches include adapting security cameras or guide-cameras but both have their limitations. This is where the Atik Infinity comes in.

It features the same remarkable Sony ICX825 sensor with EXview HAD CCD II™ technology as the popular Atik 414EX so delivers outstanding sensitivity and low noise, but uses custom control electronics engineered for optimum near-live view display. This combination brings the wonders of deep-sky targets closer to the observer than ever, objects normally too faint for an eyepiece appear in remarkable detail.

Based on a high-end 16-bit camera Atik developed for microscopy and inspection applications, the Infinity is a no compromise solution for capturing high quality images at live-view frame rates. Not only can you explore the faint wonders of the night sky in detail unmatched by an eyepiece, you can also share the views with others.

Mono or Colour? 

The Atik Infinity is available with a mono or colour sensor. Those wanting maximum detail will favour the mono sensor for it’s higher sensitivity whereas the colour sensor will suit those who want to explore the universe in colour, beyond the sensitivity of the unaided human eye.

New Body Design

The Infinity is a new type of camera for Atik with a slim rectangular design to keep the body close to the scope. It features a standard 12v power requirement and USB as well as an ST4 guider port so it can also be used as a high-end guide camera.

The Infinity is also uncooled - the thermal noise is so low at short exposures it can be successfully managed through Atik's custom control software.