Roboscopes - Affordable Deep Sky Imaging
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    In nice clean used condition, a little dusty from lack of use in reality LOL Supplied with the optional counterweight and shaft for larger DSLR'sAll in a nice neat Peli style case  ..


    In great used condition and full working order, So easy to use with the supplied hand controller or via the built in wifi and downloadable App, in mint condition, latest hand controllerNo OTA is included just for the sake of completeness!..


    In very nice used condition, looks to have hardly been used If you wish to collect and pay in person I will remove £50 from the price Details from the web below: Celestron's flagship Evolution telescope features their highly respected 9.25" Schmidt-Cassegrain optics and a computerised GoTo mount with integrated wifi connectivity. Also includes an integrated lithium-ion battery capable of powering the mount for 10 hours continuous use.  Celestron’s signature telescopes reach a new level with NexStar Evolution 9.25, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi. Leave your hand control behind and slew to all the best celestial objects with a tap of your smartphone or tablet. Connect your device to NexStar Evolution’s built-in wireless network, and explore the universe with the Celestron mobile app for iOS and Android. Use the planetarium interface to view the night sky in real time or display a list of celestial objects currently visible based on your time and location. Our proprietary SkyAlign alignment procedure is built right into the Celestron mobile app, so you’re ready to observe within minutes.  ..


    In good, used condition...


    Average, used condition..


    In good used condition..


    In good used condition..


    In average used condition with some tube dents etc but a good scope none the less, very light weight I think its F/4.8 but have not checked the FLI will not post this to the EU, if you live in remote parts of the UK, offshore or Northern Ireland please also ask for a quoteif you collect and pay in person the price will be £25 cheaper  ..


    This telescope is in good used condition, sold as pictured  ..


    This telescope is in good used condition, sold as pictured  ..


    A cracking little Astrograph in good clean used condition  Specification200mm Parabolic Primary MirrorTelescope Focal Length 1000mm (f/5)1.25"/2” Dual-Speed 10:1 Crayford Focuser0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports77% more Light-Gathering than 150mmHighest Practical Power (Potential) x4009x50 Finderscope..


    In superb clean used condition and full working order, although not pictured the 2x counter weights are also included This is a sale of a personal item and excluded from my online checkout, I can delivery by prior arrangement and costs paid  ..


    In very nice used boxed condition!Includes: Skyris 132 camera body, 1.25" nosepiece, Software CD, USB cable, Instruction manual..


    This eyepiece set is in very good used condition. Eyepieces included are 40mm camera projection lens, 32mm, 20mm, 15mm, 12mm, 9mm, 6mm..


    In good, used condition...


    These binoculars are in good condition and full working order ..


    In mint, used condition with boxStainless steel barrel..


    In good used condition,..


    This filter is in good used condition..


    In very nice used condition ..


    In nice used condition..


    In good, used condition...


    In good used conditionThink the brand is celestron..


    In good used condition..


    In mint, used condition2 Inch Universal Star Diagonal Prism, black housing with Zeiss-Prism and 2 Inch Click Lock Clamp...


    In nice used conditionDetails from the web:Easy to use color camera, provides live video for quick focusing3856 x 2764-pixel array with small pixels, provides high resolution imagesIncludes Celestron iCap software for image capture and exportIncludes RegiStax stacking software that automatically filters the best images, aligns, and stacks your planetary imagesYou have your new telescope and have observed Saturn and Jupiter. Now you're ready to take the next step and start imaging them. But where do you begin? The Celestron NexImage 10 Solar System Imager is the perfect solution.The NexImage 10 is our first NexImage series camera to incorporate USB 3.0 SuperSpeed! With more than ten million pixels coupled with high speed data transmission, the NexImage 10 produces clear and detailed planetary images like never before. With super small 1.67µm pixels, smaller telescopes with shorter focal lengths are still going to yield tremendous planetary detail. It’s one of the best valued, high-res USB 3 planetary imaging cameras on the market. Best of all, NexImage includes everything you need to get started, including Celestron's easy-to-use software suite. The iCap capture software and RegiStax stacking software are the same powerful programs included with Celestron's high-end Skyris cameras.Simply point your telescope at the Moon or a planet and record a quick video. The software analyzes each frame of video, throws away the fuzzy ones, and perfectly aligns the remaining images. The result is a bright, clear image with the maximum amount of color and detail. NexImage 10 is a great way to get started with astroimaging, especially if you live in a light-polluted area. If you can see the planet in the sky, you can image it with NexImage 10!Now Mac OS X compatible!SPECIFICATIONSA/D Conversion 12 bitBack Focus Distance 13.1mm with nosepieceBinning 2x2Max Framerate 200+Exposure Range 0.0001 to 10 secondsImaging Sensor ON Semi MT9J003 Color CMOSMounting 1.25” barrel and C-threadOperating Environment 40C° to -40C° (104F to -40F)Optical Window YesShutter RollingSoftware Compatibility iCap, IC Capture, DirectShow, oaCaptureSub-Framing Hardware ROIOptical Coatings Anti-reflection multi-coatings with IR-block on cover glassPower Requirements Powered by USBCamera Resolution 3856 x 2764Sensor Size 6.4mm x 4.6mmPixel Size 1.67-micron squareUSB Cable High-Speed 3.0, 10' cable lengthWeight 2oz..


    In nice used condition,..


    In nice used condition The Lumicon 2in Deep Sky Filter blocks all high & low pressure mercury and sodium vapor lamp light, neon lights and airglow, while transmitting the rest of the visible spectrum. Visually, the Deep Sky Filter enhances contrast of nebula under both light-polluted and dark skies. The Deep Sky Filter also passes infrared light, making it an excellent filter for photographing most deep space objects through light-polluted skies. Recommended for telescopes 3" in aperture and larger...


    In nice condition The legendary Lumicon 1.25in OIII narrow band-pass filter isolates just the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm lines) emitted by diffuse, planetary and extremely faint nebulae. Thus, these faint objects become much more visible against the blackened background of space. The Lumicon Oxygen III Filter produces near-photographic views of the Veil, Ring, Dumbbell and Orion nebula, among many other objects. Performs well under both light-polluted and dark skies. To ensure that your Lumicon filter remains the World's Best, the strictest quality control standards are employed throughout the production process. Each Lumicon Oxygen III Filter is individually inspected and proudly inscribed with the percentage of light transmittance of the two OIII emission lines...


    In good used conditionEyepieces included are: 6mm,8mm, 13mm, 17mm, and 32mm.Filters includes are: #12, #21, #25, #56, #58A, and #80ABarlow included also...


    In very good, used conditionMissing the 2x Barlow lensEyepieces included are: 6mm,8mm, 13mm, 17mm, and 32mm.Filters includes are: #12, #21, #25, #56, #58A, and #80A..


    In good used condition..


     In very nice condition..


    In nice used condition Details from the web below: As SkyProdigy amassed accolades, Celestron engineers were already working to bring StarSense technology to other Celestron computerised telescopes. Now, with the StarSense Accessory, that dream is a reality.   The Celestron StarSense includes a small digital camera that attaches to the telescope’s optical tube, along with a specialised hand controller. Just attach the accessory, push the Align button on the hand controller, and StarSense starts capturing and comparing images of the night sky against its internal database of 40,000 celestial objects. In about three minutes, StarSense will gather enough information to triangulate its position and align itself. Then, press the Sky Tour button: StarSense will automatically slew to all the best stars, planets, galaxies, and more based on your exact time and location.  Even advanced astronomers will appreciate the Celestron StarSense because it replaces expensive software used for Advanced Mount Modeling, providing superior pointing accuracy from horizon to horizon. Users can add as many calibration stars as desired to give their telescope mount a new level of accuracy.    Compatible with:  CG5-GT (with Aux Splitter) NexStar SE Series CPC, CPC DX NexStar GPS Series CGE Pro Advanced VX CGEM, CGEM DX CGE NexStar SLT NexStar Evolution LCM (with Aux. splitter)  ..


    A cracking scope from Orion Optics UK that is great for Imaging and visual work. The optics are in very clean condition. Supplied with a very nice waterproof case. ..


    A cracking planetary& double star telescope from Skywatcher that is non to shabby with brighter deep sky objects as well as smaller planetary nebular, globs etc ..


    In good clean used condition, Note the focuser rubbers are missing from the knobs. Although the focuser works, in my opinion the scope deserves a more robust upgrade for imaging purposes than what Skywatcher fit as standardI would rather this was collected and paid for in person and the price will be £100 less if you do Details from the web: Sky-Watcher Professional ESPRIT 3-Element ED apochromatic refractors offer optical performance rivalling or exceeding similar telescopes from even the most famous high-end brands. Designed primarily for demanding astro-imagers wanting high-contrast images full of detail and zero detectable colour fringing, even on the brightest of objects!   An M48-fitting doublet field flattener is also available to flatten the field and minimise aberration and distortion. When used with the field flattener the Esprit-100's imaging circle is 40mm. The M48 fitting provides a large clear aperture to reduce halation and a precision thread ensures the triplet and doublet lens groups are precisely aligned on the optical axis perpendicular to the image ..


    In as close to new condition as what you can get in a used telescope, especially a vintage one like thisIf collected and paid for in person the price will be £50 less..


    In very clean used condition, looks to have spent almost all its life in the box!Supplied with everything photographed plus a new battery for the Computer..