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    In good used condition..


    In good used condition..


    In mint condition  The popular 1.6x focal extender to suit the Takahashi FSQ-106ED. The focal length will be changed from 530mm to an impressive 848mm F/8 106mm telescope. This converts these telescopes into visual tools as well as versatile imaging telescopes. A must have for any FSQ-106ED owner...


    3" extender for Takahashi 2" Focusers, the ends of the screws are delrin tipped..


    In mint used conditionDetails from the web:Meade series 5000 ultra-wide-angle eyepieces give you such a wide field of view that you no longer have the feeling of looking through optics, but rather of floating in the universe itself!all optical surfaces are multi-coated for the best possible image brightness.the lens edges and inner surfaces of the eyepiece barrel are blackened.all the eyepieces in the series are par-focal - you will only need to slightly re-adjust the focuser to obtain a clear image when changing eyepieces.waterproof construction - prevents ingress of moisture and mold growth.Available at a surprisingly low price, this technically advanced eyepiece series offers high resolution, image correction and a comfortable eye relief. The eyecup itself is adjustable..


    In good, used condition.Product Details Lumicon's Night Sky Hydrogen-Alpha Filters are long-pass filters with a 50% transition from blocking to passing at about 640nm. At wavelengths longer than 650nm, transmittance is 90% or above. The filter is used as an extreme anti light-pollution filter, and for contrast-enhancement of emission nebulae and other astronomical objects bright in the infrared. Threaded for 77mm camera lenses. ..


    In good used condition. Specifications: CCD type: ICX429AL Sony Exview interline CCD with low dark current and vertical anti-blooming. CCD Full resolution Pixel data: Pixel size: 8.2uM x 8.4uM, Image format: 752 x 580 pixels CCD Image area: 6.4mm (Horizontal) x 4.75mm (Vertical). CCD quality: Grade 1 Spectral Response: QE max at 620nM (~65%), 35% at 400nM and 770nM. Readout Noise: Less than 15 electrons RMS - typically only 10 electrons. Full-well capacity: Greater than 50,000 e- (unbinned) Anti-blooming: Overload margin greater than 1000x. Dark current: Dark frame saturation time greater than 1 hour. Less than 0.1 electrons/second @ + 10C ambient. Data format: 16 bits. System gain: 0.9 electrons per ADU Computer Interface: Built-in USB 2.0 compatible interface. Image download time: Typically 0.2 seconds at full resolution using USB 2.0. Power requirements: USB powered. Cooling system: Ambient air cooling. Size: 32 x 72mm black anodised aluminium barrel with 25 x 0.75mm 'C mount' thread at the CCD window end & input/output plugs at rear. Weight: approx. 50g. ..


    In good used condiiton..


    In good used condition..


    I have three in stock all in good used condition, this is fitted with the newer style EQ6 puck  ..


    Essential for improving how long you can shoot for on one charge. In excellent boxed condition and supplied with after market battery  ..


    All eyepieces are in very good, used condition..


    In mint condition and has hardly been used ..


    A superb pro DSLR camera from Canon that is built like a tank, it is in stunning condition commensurate with the low actuations of the camera low 3749 shot count this one has not had pro use like so many out there1x genuine battery  ..


    Good used conditionThe Altair GPCAM3 178M camera has the sought-after Sony IMX178 CMOS sensor, with EXMOR-R and STARVIS technology. This gives extremely low read noise, wide dynamic range, and 6.3mp resolution (higher than 4K TV!)...


    In very good used boxed condition.  ..


    This RGBC filter set is the standard SBIG set that comes with the CFW8A filter wheel and is intended for use with the ST-7/8/9/10/2000 cameras. It is designed to give a proper balance of continuum light from stars and proper ratios of H-alpha and [O-III] emission line sources at the same time. These professional quality, high transmission, dichroic filters have been tested over time by some of the best astro-imagers in the world. The colored filters are par focal, antireflection coated and IR blocked. The clear filter is AR coated. These do not come up for sale very often ..


    In good used condition To connect Tak adapter M72 / M68 to Takahashi Mewlon reflectorsThis Mewlon Adapter, in combination with TAK Adapter M72 and the 2" Ultrashort eyepiece clamp (# 245 8196) results in an extremely short 2" eyepiece clamp for every Takahashi-Reflector (33mm optical path length in total). ..

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