Frequently asked Questions

Why hasn't my order been dispatched yet?

If you chose ENS Free Courier then your item will take up-to 5 working days to be processed as it is none priority and we do our post in chronological order.
If you chose ENS Speedy Post then your item will leave the next working day and will be with you the following day, for example:

Purchase Monday, Dispatch Tuesday, Receive Wednesday
Purchase Friday, Dispatch Monday, Receive Tuesday

If you require your item urgently the next day then please contact us beforehand to see if this is possible. A general rule is if it's a small item and you request it we can dispatch it the same day, however if it's a bulky item, we may need more time to process it to ensure safe delivery.

I received an incorrect item, what shall I do?

If you have received an item that you did not order then please contact us. We will get the items swapped over for you at no extra cost.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes. Customers are more than welcome to come visit us, but a heads up beforehand would be nice so that we can prepare anything you may be interested in.

I made an order and wish to change my mind, Can I?

Yes of course, Just drop us an email or telephone call and we will sort it out for you, however if your item has already been shipped you will need to return it to us at your own cost before we can send out the replacement items.

Your parcel was full of polystyrene.. that's not environmentally friendly?

All of our parcels are packed with re-used polystyrene that is broken up.. we would hope our customers would add it to their recycling :)
In fact, we also send out re-used cardboard boxes too :)
Don't lose it, re-use it!

I am a first time Astronomer.. I want the best of the best.. what do you recommend?

We recommend starting from the bottom by doing visual astronomy - This is an immersive experience that will bolster your general understanding of the night skies and give you the confidence to navigate your telescope around.

I am new to imaging, where shall I start?

What do you wish to achieve? What are your expectations in regards to the end image? Set your bar to an achievable realistic level. Call us to discuss it further.

Are your items tested?

All of our items are tested to ensure that they are in good working order however if you receive an item that is not functioning correctly then please contact us in the first instance so that we can go through it with you.