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This case is in excellent condition and has the inner foam cut for an ETX70 telescope :) Perfect for making your scope por..


In good used condition..


This cable is in excellent condition..


This was not but for looks but I can tell you it was built for strength, if you want to carry upto a 14" LX200 and not have i..


This shelf is very high quality and is very strong..


A superb quality Barlow Lens from Meade,..


Used but inn almost new condition. Comes with instruction manual...


In good used condition, these are hard to come by these days..


In good used condition,comes with no leads/manuals or software...


In very nice used condition, I have two in stock altogether..


In good, used condition.I have two in total very similar..


In superb mint condition and has super clean optics, you would be hard pressed to tell this from a new scope! The scope a..


Good quality SCT Telescope from Meadeif you wish to collect and pay in person the price will be £50 cheaper  ..

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