Astrotrac TT320X-AG Travel System - Widefield Imaging Rig


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In good used condition with upgraded as well as original head connection plate, what's photographed is what's included including the dovetail and counterbalance system :)

This is a beautifully made and very practical light weight travel system

Details from the web when sold new:

TT320X-AG precision tracking mount
The innovative TT320X-AG is an ultra precise and compact equatorial tracking mount. The perfect solution for capturing great images with your digital SLR camera. Experience super accurate unguided tracking in a quick to setup and easy to use package. Spend more time doing astrophotography and less time setting up.
TH3010 super compact head
The ultra compact TH3010 makes it easy to mount telescopes on your TT320X-AG. Carrying up to ten times its own weight, framing the perfect shot is easy with the TH3010.
TW3100 super compact wedge
The stylish TW3100 sets a new standard for high strength compact equatorial wedges. Able to carry up to fifteen times its own weight, now you can realise the full potential of your TT320X-AG with larger lenses and telescopes.
TP3065 ultra portable pier
The elegant TP3065 is the ultimate in portable piers created specifically for astrophotographers on the move.
Rigid yet lightweight, the TP3065 provides the ideal platform for your AstroTrac tracking mount and wedge.
The patent pending TP3065 collapses down and packs inside itself, making it easy to carry in the specially designed shoulder bag.
Load capacity
15 kg (33 lb)
Total weight
TT320X-AG, TW3100, TP3065, TH 3015 Deal - 12 kg (26.4 lb)
Packed diameter
TT320X-AG and TW3100 packed into TP3065 - 150mm (6")
Packed length
TT320X-AG and TW3100 packed into TP3065 - 750mm (29.5")
TT320X-AG mounted on TW3100 & TP3065 - 1200mm (47.2")