JTW Trident GTR Friction Drive Goto 75KG Mount

  • JTW Trident GTR Friction Drive Goto 75KG Mount

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The Trident GTR is the next generation of Trident P75, further developing an already great platform. There is no other mount that comes close to the payload or precision of a Trident for the same price. 

The JTW Trident GTR further builds on the success of the P75 with additional features. The mount now includes a PEC sensor, failsafe homing, GPS, magnetic failsafe brake & optional environmental sensors.  The mount also now features internal cabling and is 25% lighter than a P75 at 30 kg mount head weight.

Addition of a PEC sensor to Direct Friction Drive is a particularly potent addition as our drive system has almost textbook periodic error, a near perfect sine-wave with 16 minute period. 

Our unique direct friction drive system combined with a mount that is designed to be easy to manufacture and maintain yields an unbeatable price/performance ratio. This mount is optimized for remote use and excels at multi-instrument payloads. 

The Trident GTR is essentially maintenance free, any part that might need replacing can be replaced in a matter of minutes, making this system ideal for remote hosting services or people who require a reliable mount with low cost of ownership. 

Highlights of the Trident GTR include -

  • 75 kg photographic payload
  • Based on the proven OnStepX open source control system
  • Manticore OnStepX control system
  • Direct friction drive, no reduction rollers to add to periodic error
  • Ceramic-metal hybrid drive
  • PEC sensor 
  • Homing
  • Magnetic failsafe brake
  • GPS
  • Preloaded precision roller bearings throughout
  • Maintenance free drive train
  • 0.12" Resolution
  • 15° per second maximum slewing speed, 7.5° advised
  • Stainless steel drive drive wheels
  • On-the-fly changes to microstepping for fast slewing or fine tracking
  • Missed step detection - advanced electronics use the motors own coils as a pseudo-encoder
  • StealthChop™ silent running, no more stepper motor chirping
  • 0° to 90° Latitude range
  • ±7.5 Degrees of Azimuth adjustment for polar alignment
  • Aerospace aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Sustainable metallic, textured powder coated finish
  • ASCOM and INDI drivers
  • Mobile app turns any mobile device into a smart hand pad
  • WiFi and USB
  • Optional hygrometer and barometer sensor add-on (atmospheric refraction compensation)

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