Nebo Duo Headlamp - Astronomy Star Party Straight To Red Night Vision - 4 mode


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I have tried many head torches for astronomy and almost all have been flawed in some way or another, this one however ticks every box I have ever needed and for once a sensible price.
  • Straight to red - this torch is press and hold to go straight to red then short press to turn off
  • Comfortable for prolonged use
  • Compact
  • Weather resistant
  • good build quality
  • 4 modes
  • White light output is more than bright enough
  • Well priced for the quality

Most other brands have these flaws
  1. You have to cycle through white light to get to the red light which kills yours as well as everyone else's night vision around you, making for grumpy people at a dark site.
  2. Red light intensity, most are either way way to bright or so dull you cant use them
  3. Cheap price with nasty flimsy build quality
  4. Far to expensive and over the top
For everybody else this is a fantastic normal head torch for almost all hobbies with lots of features so I will put the blurb below:

Key Features

This headlamp is the perfect hands-free light for working, hiking, camping and more! The new NEBO® DUO Headlamp is an allpowerful, hands-free lighting solution.


Top features: 

- Red LED enhances night vision 

- Red beacon light ensures maximum visibility

- Four light modes for different situations

- Adjustable head straps for maximum comfort 


This useful headlamp is perfect for when you're in a situation with minimal light, especially outdoors. A low-signature light, which ensures stealth in the dark, enhances night vision and makes reading possible in little to no light.

Red beacon light

A red flashing light is visible more than one mile away for up to 48 hours to ensure maximum visibility. The headlamp can be tilted by up to 90° to enable you to focus light exactly where you want it.

Four light modes

Cycle through four light modes using the on/off button. Depending on your situation, you've got one white LED (250 Lumens), two COB LED strips (80 Lumens) or two RED COB strips. Use them in steady or beacon mode.

Adjustable head straps

Dual adjustable head straps allow for maximum comfort and control when you're operating the light.

The red LED is a low-signature light, which ensures stealth in the dark, enhances night vision and makes reading in little to no light possible.